We have the most contemporary in-house capabilities and partnerships with our global partners and website publishers, which help us deliver good quality data to our clients. Other than this, the deep profiling of our panellists and quality controls, it has been inculcated in our company’s genes to ensure our stakeholders are benefitted from our industry par operations standards.

Also, with the in-vogue benchmark technologies available in house, we ensure our respondents are real, diversified and engaged. We use accumulated set of checks (create hyper link to Technology page) to ensure no duplication of respondents take place, all our panellists are double opt ins. Furthermore, with the world’s most rewarding panellist incentive model in place, our panellists remain engaged while taking our surveys and with many recruitment sources, our pool of respondents is well diversified. Not just this, we ensure to control the respondents’ behaviours in terms of number of surveys they take per month to ensure no professional survey takers can be a part of our panel.

Apart from this, we conduct various data quality surveys in our panel from time to time to maintain unwavering proficiency and immaculate work.

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